Touch Up work is what we are passionate about and aim to be the best team there is. So how do we stay on top of the latest developments and provide you with the best solution? We are continuously seeking experts whom we can add to our “Dutch Touch Up Team”, attend workshops, seminars and follow courses on state of the art materials and techniques. Who are our customers? Our customers are the yacht owners who hire us to service their ship once a year or between charters. We also work wide variety interior designers and international shipyards.


When we do maintenance touch up work, this can also include decorative painting technics, marble- and wood- imitation or gilding works.

We offer you a great variety of work. In the past year we have expanded our services with coating, covering and laminating all kinds of surfaces with rubber, plastics, leather or other materials. We are able to fit and adjust latches and hinges or other metal fittings just to give you the finishing touch.

You don’t have to hire other trades we can finish the job!!


Al these special works, require special tools of which we have a collected a beautifull collection over the years and still look for the best.



MY Anna
MY Barbara
MY Savannah
MY Moon Sand
MY Predator
MY Air
MY Madame GU
MY Musashi
MY Serena
MY Kiss
MY Rock It
MY Faith
MY Lime Light/ Podium

MY Shiran
MY Callisto
MY Ebony Shine
MY Anastasia
MY Nirvana
MY Barbera
MY Seven Sins

SY Ikigai
SY Missy
SY Hetairos
SY Atalante
SY Acadia
SY Louise
SY Perseverance

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